About this site

Christian Research: Telling the Story of the Christian Community's Life and Mission

We believe that the Christian community has a compelling, creative and - sometimes - complex story to share with the world.

It is an influential community and through this panel we want to enable Christians to have a voice, to uncover insights, grow in intelligent observations and think seriously about the impact that faith has on our world today.

We undertake a monthly omnibus survey to explore and understand Christian views and attitudes to concerns within the church and current topical issues. Each month we prepare a report which we send to infuential figures within the media, political and church communities to try and give influence and volume to the Christian voice.

In order to help us achieve this we welcome your comments on previous research and suggestions for future research.

In order to fund this valuable work we occasionally accept questions from third parties who wish to better understand the Christian community. Please be assured that in these cases it is only anonymised aggregated data which is passed to the third party. We never divulge any of your personal details.  Sometimes these questions may seem less relevant than others but please bear with us as this funding is essential to keep the research going. 

We became an independent charity in 1993. In 2007 we became part of Bible Society Group, and continue to trade as Christian Research. We operate as an independent market research agency and as MRS members with all that that ensures for the independence, impartiality and confidentiality so valued by our clients.  We bring to clients throughout the UK and further afield a combination of the strength, mission and support of Bible Society and the experience skill and commitment of a strong research team to provide the best in Christian research through our Resonate online panel.

If you would like to join our panel, receive our monthly newsletter about ongoing research and help with the research please click the butto below and complete the short registration questionnaire.