Our monthly omnibus covers a wide range of topics throughout the year, ranging from serious analysis of church issues to topical concerns raised by the media and occasionally more light hearted surveys.

Some of our surveys are paid for by Christian charities and church groups and whilst these may sometimes seem less relevant they do pay for our research.


We hope to be both an informative source and an amplification of the Christian voice by understanding your views, attitudes and opinions which we can feedback to you and make available to the media, church authorities and other relevant bodies.

Available reports are listed in the drop down menu and more details can be found in the side bar.  

Oct 2016 Survey Format Your thoughts on format and content of Resonate surveys
Aug 2016 Church Attendance Church attendance changes and reasons. Why people go to church and a brief look at religious festival attendance
Jul 2016 Everyday supernatural Peoples understanding and experience of the supernatural and examples of individual experiences